Power loves to crete rules and I truly think folks enjoy following them. For a few decades our planners weren’t the best and not too many met horrible deaths. Times are a changin. In the past few weeks I’ve seen… Read More ›

Social Credit

  My mom was wondering what the “Social Credit” system is. I hope that I can explain it using the above picture of the first day we filled our Aquaponics system. China’s system of meshing the electronic records of citizens… Read More ›

Data Noun Verb Bit

What are the limits of personal information? Why is information more useful in aggregate? The speed of sound isn’t a barrier why is the speed of light? What is a few magnitudes in any direction, valuable.  


Me: {{.Boss}}, {{.Boss}}: Yea? Me: Fund my bullshit I’d like to buy (purchase) that is only offered in crypto currencies, not fiat currencies; you, know the difference? {{.Boss}}: Are we there yet Me: Yea, I can no longer purchase intelligence… Read More ›