Early 2023 Update

Last year I had a couple of new events, new to me. The first came as the farm I leased was finally sold and I needed to move. The second was that I got mixed up with Legionnaires. Yep, I didn’t wear a mask during COVID-19, it looked too much like a psyop for me to take it seriously. I danced and played with lots of people who thought similarly. Lost most all of my friends and had to make some new ones — the old friends just couldn’t take a joke or didn’t appreciate my sense of humor.

The folks I centered myself among valued personal responsibility and I have to say it was a level up. We learned alot about constitutional rights and having fun together. When I first heard about COVID I went directly to two strip clubs in San Francisco, thinking that I should get it first and that there was no better place than a strip club to get the latest virus.

I never caught covid severely, it was just the flu, but I had a great time being the scary person among my friends. I need to learn more about Marx and Fredrics and just recently started reading about their ideas. I was really stunned to learn that almost anyone can become a tool for totalitarianism. I too wanted to learn about the machine that brought all those Jews to slaughter and just how normal (seeming) people — humans did all that really bad stouff.

I spent some days asking myself why seemingly good people could rail on their neighbors. In many ways and what it came down to my observation is that really good people were afraid, afraid to die, they were afraid of death. Understand that I’ve passed a few times so I’m not too scared of it. Passing is something that everyone of us will do. How we do it is up to us. Memorial day remembers those that gave the _ultimate sacrifice_ for our freedom.

I stopped being afraid and just that simple idea made me dangerous. I love beople but I don’t tollerate bull shit and humans love bull shit more than cows. I’m grateful for all those that paid into my “go fun me” campaign, it’s blast spending your money on shit I love. I really enjoy doing the things I enjoy and I must say it is awesome to be encouraged so live life as I see fit.

So, for those that didn’t visit me while I was in a coma, I got to spend a couple months in a medical coma, under many very heavy drugs. I got CPR a few times though reading my medical record makes me cringe more than I’m willing to admit. I’m happy to report that receiving CPR and being able to perform it a two totally different thing — I failed my EMT test on my CPR final. I learned something from it all — which is to suffer less.

While in the underworld I got to meet a bunch of radicals, aliens and friends, some were dead friends — all were encouraging. I didn’t like the drugs they gave me in the hospital and I had no way to refuse them, being unconscious. My friends did great in asking questions, really basic questions about nutrition and ignored most of the doctor’s advice.

When I began to come around to reality many of the doctors and nurses wanted to know what it was like to meet Jesus. I thought it was rude to ask, and only offered that they shouldn’t put patients into a coma — or maybe ask first. It’s a shitty thing to tie people up physically and give them drugs that have a hugegenic side effect. Oh, you wanna do shrooms — put on these handcuffs.

A medically induced coma is a really fucked up place to find Jesus. Your body is restrained with straps and nurses really don’t mind if you shit or piss all over yourself. I’m passed needing assistance to shit and piss but I’m still mad about all the “necessities” of the medical system.

I was Evicted from my home while I was still in a coma. Literally. It’s kind of hilarious in its ridiculousness. Clearly I should have left earlier. Lesson learned if you have a lot of stuff to move, startmoving it ASAP. I was just nieve and thougt shaking my fisits at mars and jupiter was worthy of my time and attention.

Soon I would move the farm and start building another one. Many of my friends called it “exit and build” and looked at me strange when I said its “build and grow.”

I’ve moved all the good parts to a new space on an island. I can shoot there so don’t come visit unannounced. I’m having a good time, released from my previous encombunderences (wife, serfdom and patronage) and now enjoy shaking my fists at various plants in our solar system and laughing. Come, enjoy and relax but most of all come and laugh with me. I’ve done hard pharmaceutical drugs that induce hallucinations and I didn’t ask for them. If we can’t laugh about that stay home.

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