Deep Living and Deep Learners

Deep Learning is all the rage today (roughly 1500945129) with everyone reexplaining how their product or services use Artificial Intelligence. There are classes about deep learning offering master classes, videos and tutorials on convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and long short-term memory networks… Read More ›

Data Racism

When Alan Turing was thinking about computer programs there were very few programs. Today with billions of processors connected via the internet protocol we have more programs than people. Yep, just on this webpage there are numerous programs that were… Read More ›

Narrative aids digestion

In an information war pawns click bait. The titles are designed for clicks. Before you, bots provided the clicks, but we learned how to identify machines. Humans met the CAPTCHA. Once instrumented h.sapiens were taught by the very algorithms running… Read More ›

Kill Switch Kill

It happens on fridays. Every friday before the cyber security folks get to go home something comes up. This week it was a worm that propagates through a vulnerability that the NSA knew existed in the Microsoft ecosystem of operating… Read More ›