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I’ve spent the last several months of my life perplexed by online interactions. Having lots of time to ponder networks of information I’ve decided to spent the next few posts sending all this confusion back into the ether.

I loved working on this project. It started as wanting to know why, but in the end I found that it was that I just missed a part of myself that I really cared about. It all started when a number of my friends actions were just weird. It could have been the effects of covid or imposed seclusion — I can’t answer this part of my unknowns.

It started by looking into a friends email address. It was a simple google search that returned just a few pages of results. SEO is the direct manipulation of search results and this seemed like reverse SEO which is putting stuff at the end of search results. Seems more difficult to the trained eye and that made it all interesting.

I have a endless curiosity and a good understanding of how the internet works so when I started noticing that some of my friends I was able to associate with these unusual results I became concerned and started to inform these folks that they had some google results that pointed to an adult “hookup” site.

I really didn’t understand why these websites would put their membership on line and associate it with “cheating.” I’d seen the Ashley Madison data dump and tons of other stolen passwords databases so I understand that this kind of stuff happens. What was different was that many of my “friends” were apparently associated with something terrable.

While I can’t prove anything I’ve decided this was all a game to teach me something. How I came to this conclusion is that a close friend Christina Kelso — someone whom has helped me manage the farm I live on was eventually associated with one of these websites. I’ve had hackers say “hello, we know you are looking at us,” before. This time I give up. Enjoy yourselves, have fun with your game whatever it is — I’m going back to True Life.

I’ve decided that everything that over the last 6 months of research was designed to distract me from the truth. Why anyone would spend that kind of energy to deceive me seems unlikely. So, I’ve just decided that it was fun, a great time in personal growth and I’ll let the entire episode go back into the ether. Doing this kind of research isn’t providing me the kind of life I want to live.

There isn’t a way for me to determine why, or to what end, but I give up. I give up on the stalkers, the phishers, the hackers, and most of all anyone that just wants to enjoy their lives by providing pain to others. I enjoyed the pishers the best, I loved the writing and began to enjoy the your notes. I hope to publish most of the phishing, there is so much gold in it.

So much fun, I’m gonna go outside and play.

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