Finding Peace of Mind

If you think I’m crazy, I’m just living a different kind of life. Hadn’t flown since February. Getting back in the seat.

I do live differently than most of the people I know. I run my own companies, find comfort in nature and am unafraid of living my life. I’ve been looking for a path to fly in air shows. Folks tell me it is very unlikely that I can complete this task. I’m ok with a hard road, because I’ve always lived on one.

At Oshkosh I met some wonderful pilots and many of them flew acrobatics. Several helped me understand what I need to do to learn how to do this stuff as performance art.

I just want to thank all the good people in my life for supporting me in the little ways they have. It’s been a tough year and I feel like I’m better for it. As we move through more drama, be kind — everyone is having a hard time these days.

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