6th Sense

I greatly dislike the movie “The Sixth Sense” with Bruce Willis along with the ideas from Physics describing a multiverse. Over the last decade I’ve come close to loosing my life a few times — always over stupid silly things, like girls. I don’t think I learned the lesson yet, I’m still here; typing.

Important Stuff

I’ve experienced God, divine intervention and communion. These experiences all hone not just a taste for life but individual flavors of people. Over the last couple of years as my experiences coagulate into desire and discernment, I’ve learned more about what I accept as “good behavior.”

Once a friend told me to “behave,” I did the opposite and I can’t say that experience was not informative. I learned how to burn off some of the things I didn’t appreciate about myself. The transformation wasn’t enjoyed by everyone that considered me a friend.

I’m still moved by poetry and music, the rain that falls and sprouts my seed. I am moved by all the connections — imperceivable and direct as I move through this thing called life. I appreciate that life, love and our collective desire to be understood is still a thing.

I’m not worried that one day, like Bruce Willis’ character in “The Sixth Sense” that I will awake dead nor do I need anything to remind me I am alive. I revel in an awareness of all things that impact my senses.

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