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Instagram is a source of scammers and my name is on a list. It isn’t a “no fly list,” its a list of people looking for a “serious relationship.” Almost daily I’m followed by some chick that eventually lands me in a conversation. The script goes like this…

I’m single, live close by or far away and I’m looking for a serious relationship

  • The conversation is always about love, a topic I am open to writing about
  • It eventually turns into “I wanna come over” regardless of location.
  • They need some “gas money” in the form of a gift card, bitcoin, bank transfer.
  • I get some nude photos and lots of very dirty suggestions
  • They figure out that I won’t send them any form of money
  • they don’t want to get hurt and suggest I find a new love

It is fun to engage in “scams” with scammers. All this points to my boredom. I’m bored with social connections over social media. I’m bored with folks telling me I need to wear a mask or take a therapeutic to exist in society.

So, I’m working on becoming a motivational speaker. Someone who tells stories about overcoming adversity, standing up to silly mandates that are not laws and overtly demonstrating how to be human while people act badly around me.

I’m really interested in how we transmit information, deception, and the compromise society is making for incremental safety. Watching parents afraid for their kids, stand up to the board of education was a pleasant experience. After being told the police would arrest everyone not wearing a mask indoors and then going up to the anti-room to see more than 20 families, kids and parents all without masks, my only thought was no one here will be arrested.

Society at large is just being bullied, the violence is all verbal. Sure one day I might get a boot to the balls, because I enumerated some historical facts. Let them. I am a harmless wordsmith.

Demoralized individuals are unable to assess true information

We are going to experience a continued disruption of society until everyone has offered their DNA to a higher power that gate-keeps access to pleasure. The pleasure to congregate, to sing and dance, to experience all the human benefits of community.

Our individual freedoms will continue to be eroded until such a time that we band together to fight for a constitution that will not be there for us. There are louder voices, better looking individuals, and folks with just more clicks.

Join me in celebrating life, connecting with like minded folks and just having fun. Most apocalypse only last 90 minutes this one has another decade to flatten the curve. Don’t be shy, come play with us — enumerate your needs and let the universe fulfil your destiny.

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