Would you like to play a game?

“War Games,” was a great flick as a kid. I was already playing with computers back when the movie came out. I wrote my first game on a TRS-80 sitting in a Radio Shack store. I preferred to write programs that drew dragons. I couldn’t give two shits about playing a game on a computer, especially after writing the rules for it. A few decades later and I learned about networks — they function like games too.

The thing I don’t like about games is that they have rules. As a person that prefers not to walk on preexisting paths, I loathe rules and thus the only games I prefer are the ones without any.

I got to do some solo flights and acrobatic flights today. In solo flights I’m not allowed to do any maneuver with more then 60 degrees of roll and 30 degrees of pitch. If you don’t know what that means, to me it means boring, but there is still much to learn within that envelope. I follow the rules for flying because I respect the owners. They are the only folks that teach glider acrobatics in the USA today.

When flying acrobatics, I’m unlimited except by the limitations of the machine we are flying. It’s why I love acrobatics, no rules. I do have to fly acrobatics with two brains aboard though, in case I really fuck something up. We wear parachutes should two brains not be enough to stay within the envelope of the air frame. So just a few rules that keep us alive and the rest is up to me. Fucking love it and the people that allow me the freedom to fly upside down.

I’ve found myself in Conway’s games before and my favorite strategy is to make Conway break one of his rules that gives me the game. If you are a gamer you really won’t understand what I just said. I don’t play games unless the prize is the game itself.

The videos below are more talk than acrobatics, and the two solo flights have terrible camera placement, it is what it is. There it is still gold within them, it was a great day flying.

Williams Soaring Center, Acrobatic Training Feb 14, 2021

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