Things I’ve Done that I’m still proud of

I’ve wanted to write down some of the things I’ve learned. This list is not exhaustive, nor is it in any particular order. It includes things I like as well as things I’ve done. Some of these things carry no title or certification, and are just things I learned without regard to how deeply I learned them.


White Water Canoe/Kayaking, Skydiving; mountain biking, motorcycle rider, Aerobatic Glider and Airplane Pilot, Farmer, Plumber, Electrician, Computer Programmer (COBOL, Forth, 8086 and Z80 Assembly, Pascal, C, C++, OpenCL, Java, Fortran, Arduino, Python, Ruby, Go), Hacker, protocol developer, global network security policy, electronics, process control systems, lock picker — both electronic and physical; door opener, wall climber, rock climber, rappelling, mountaineering instructor, school teacher, animal husbandry (sheep, chicken, duck, pig, turkey) , slaughter, chef, cook, brewer, distiller, welder (mig, oxy acetylene, stick) martial artist (kung-fu, muay thai), inventor (6+ patents), builder, constructor, creator, destroyer, gun maker, ammunition reloader, USPSA/PCC shooter (prefer not to use my sights), chemist, physicist, astronomer, thinker, traveler, artist (photography, painting, poetry, writing); NYT Front Page, EMT (I just took the class), woodsman, geneticist, blacksmith, dishwasher, manager, friend, lover, computer security policy, defender of computers, seeker of things, musician, comedian, trickster, holder of secrets; activist, volunteer.


I still want to learn how to sail, sing more karaoke, bake bread, oven making, bartender, bouncer, air ambulance, firefighter.

These pages are not about you. I write to remember and to remind myself what I learned. If you see something above that you too want to learn, I’d be happy to do that thing with you.

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