Glider Aerobatics

I got my pilot’s license for gliders and learned some aerobatics. The following are from some of that training. I love this stuff, the videos are unedited raw footage from a gopro. I prefer the raw versions, without music, and all the boring parts. Warning: this stuff contains adult language and screaming like little girls as we fly directly (almost) at the ground.

I can’t describe what it is like, I only hope that one day I get good enough to take some friends for a flight. Literally the most fun I’ve ever had in my life.

Acrobatic portion of the flight
Flying the pattern (landing)

This is the second portion of the video because I don’t know how to stitch them together yet. I have more to post, but these are some of the most recent stuff.

for years I would listen to music and think about doing acrobatics, flying my hand around the living room. Now I get to listen to the same songs and watch myself fly around. There is no feeling in the world like living the things you dream to do.

2nt Flight on Dec 14 2020, rolls, double clover and a push humpty

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