Cherry Pie

Most of my friends work within the context of a larger organization. I suspect when they build stuff they have a boss that can provide direction. I have to find my own direction and I thought that other Dyslexic Entrepreneurs… Read More ›

Deep Living and Deep Learners

Deep Learning is all the rage today (roughly 1500945129) with everyone reexplaining how their product or services use Artificial Intelligence. There are classes about deep learning offering master classes, videos and tutorials on convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and long short-term memory networks… Read More ›

WannaCry Tomato

The most popular question at the farmers market is about tomatoes. The interesting aspect of this is if you have the ability to grow your tomatoes in a garden or as many city dwellers you need to grow it in… Read More ›


The chronicle defined it as a term of art for young people as ‘the feeling when good pot hits your brain’ As used in “Your weed be Waken.” See melinial slang Young people also have an issue with vision, not the… Read More ›