Power loves to crete rules and I truly think folks enjoy following them. For a few decades our planners weren’t the best and not too many met horrible deaths. Times are a changin. In the past few weeks I’ve seen many a friend go from having it dialed to filing for unemployment. Many humans just don’t understand why they need to stay at home and while no one considered flattening their curves — someone else decided that that is the best course of action for everyone. Do not ask any questions, and certainly don’t use data and algorithms to justify why I need to wipe my ass with the latest REI catalog — they use acid free paper.

As a kid I loved the woods. As an adult I enjoyed learning how to use a latreen in the middle east where they never heard of toilet paper. At first this process of taking some ownership for your own destiny may seem strange. Your job sucked and its gone. Make some friends and learn how to be useful.

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I’m ready for our interactions to become more humane and less mediated by technology. Sure some jerk face made a billion bucks making an app that somehow sucked you in — well now is the time to go make a friend that isn’t mediated by technology. Dating apps are dead? Why were they better?

As we collectively all explore fear and anxiety, let us remember how we used to cope.  Leveraging drugs, alcohol, music and sex — that’s what made being human fun. the digital incarnations of that stuff didn’t really help us achieve anything but the centralization of power — turns out that isn’t one of humanities turn ons. One could replace the entire paragraph with religion.

Turns out all that stuff in your head is just chemicals, literally proteins. Tasty tastey brains. But the electrical signals in those brains, wow. These days all suffering has a positive slope, this isn’t seen as a good thing to observe by any mathematician. Asking how to attenuate the curve shows the complete lack of understanding by political leadership. It is time we made a machine to govern people.

The future isn’t gonna be fun until you learn some data science. Let’s start paying attention and eating more cheatoes.




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