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My mom was wondering what the “Social Credit” system is. I hope that I can explain it using the above picture of the first day we filled our Aquaponics system. China’s system of meshing the electronic records of citizens with algorithmic rights. In China the citizens are allowed certain pleasures of the state, like travel, to how an algorithm interepets your interface with things that generate electronic records.

The growth of devices that link the electronic rerecords of private industry is the Economists’s “New Oil.” It turns out that any electronic data that you create is valuable to influence (advertise) to you. In China the state has made the collection of this data its monopoly. I’m unsure of who coined the term “Social Credit,” I’d like to know if that is what it is called, and if it is discussed there, in China.

In the west, and more specifically in the united states consider a similar system implemented by the credit breureos. Recall that Experian was breached a few years back. Millions of records were stolen. Do you know your FICO Score? FICO is an algorithm that grades you ability to return capitol. Its a measure of your force multiplier for other people’s money. The algorithm prevents folks from getting access to cheap money. If you are poor, you get to pay more for your money.

The system of social credit in the USA is prevented by several groups that sue companies and government to prevent them from aggregating your information in egregious forms. The NSA used to collect all the phone records of all the US population. It quit when it realized that it doesn’t need all that data. That there really is a bulk of population that is benign or beneficial and a really tiny tiny fraction that cause all the trouble. I’m sure you have seen the curves were just a few rich folks own all the companies — it is similar for criminals, there are just a few bad ones and lots of B and C players.

Algorithms will impact your daily lives to a greater extent, until you uninstall the apps. They all want and need your attention, without it they can not charge advertisers money. When your ability to travel is limited because of an algorithm one would hope that they could figure out how to influence it. In the case of the FICO score, you will need to pay off your debts.

A few red flags are when your country:

  • criminalizes journalism
  • requires you to keep a phone on you at all times.
  • confuses you with both lies and truths (normalization)
  • Stops Taxing you to give you Fiat Money, demand Bitcoin!

The idea in the west is that Corporations will lever the information to help the individual. In the bay area there is an app for every aspect of your life. Our farmer’s market is about to create an App; remember, Farmer’s Markets are not Free Markets. In the bay area there is no aspect of one’s life that can’t be augmented with an app.

Need to go some place, you have Uber and Lift — Uber using a social credit system with both drivers and passengers. Uber lost a billion dollars in its first quarter of being a public company. The number of your starts Uber will monetize. Your trips data is already valuable for advertisers.

Is your doorbell and email connected? Was food delivered? Did someone come to put your furniture together? Sitting you are generating data, unless you are not looking at a device. Unless you are looking at the stars where some billion year old photons interact with your retina, something is being calculated against you.

Biodynamic farming is only gonna work if you can filter entropy.  There is a big difference between what we produce via solar radiation (farming) and what we extract from the earth as energy in oil which is stored sunshine.



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