Facial Recognition linked to Global Depresion

I am not depressed about facial recognition, I get depressed about phones, ipv4 addresses and the general lack of interest in the sciences. I’m one of those people that mathematics tases like well crafted beef cooked medium rare. Depression isn’t something that I’ve ever claimed to understand. When I was just a teenager, I loved that I was invincible, I leaned into the wind like a sail and found that life was very safe and interesting if you allowed it to influence your direction. Jellyfish

All of the algorithms are on a number line that stretches in two diminutions to infinity. Every program for every CPU is on this number line. Also all images ever, shit. If everything can be on the number line, does that mean I don’t have choice? No, Both you and I have choice and it is that choice that makes life both good and fun. Yes, every choice is an integer, and when reality is mapped into a manifold, you still get to choose.

IMG_0638-X3Every text, file, image or movie is a number and all the numbers are on something called a number line. Number lines, like computer code are uni-directional. We are biological robots, just no one likes to think about humans or other multi-cellular organisms that way. DNA our number-line is also a sequential list of amino acids. Sure we call that chemistry, but it is really math.

I’m fascinated with the intersection of computer networks and multi-cellular life systems. The [internet] network as it is currently composed is of no benefit to you. The network as of late is to extractive rather than beneficial. The network needs your clicks, pics, your attention. Like this sheet of electrons.

Avert your gaze to control your life — spend time with people learning about what they want to do. Spending time with other humans thinking about stuff is something that no-one counted on you doing. The proverbial “they” are counting on your clicking on articles like this one.

Would educational debt tether two generations? The third less so. Soon some little ones will stop looking into screens for what they should purchase, like, or assimilate. I believe that some of them are gonna figure this out. My hope — is to see them spill out on the streets in the wonder of their own power.

Until then we will continue to till the earth under the unrelenting sunshine and blue sky.

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