Feaster Sunday / Liquid Hens

Life on this farm is tenuous for everything. Weeds are destroyed and gophers take your prised garden plants in an afternoon. Competition is running like it always has which reminds me of how sterile the office you are in must be. While I was traveling an animal came to visit my hens and slaughtered half of them. Tragic to loose so many animals all at once and so violently.

My own dog may have done it. Installing cameras so we can profit from the video feeds of camp-henagan. I found where the animal got in. Plum knows how to get in.  This note isn’t about the loss of my egg production, it is about something more poinint to the nose.

I gathered up the dead chickens in a wheel burrow which I put in a path frequently crossed. The wheelbarrow sat in the sun for a few days, developing a ripeness that I’ve fortunately not had the opportunity to frequent. I was being lazy about burring them because my dogs have learned about newly tilled earth and no matter how well I believe that I have “topped them off,” diggers will dig.


Once a dog gets a ripe chicken, think 4th of July BBQ. Dogs get sick and puke rotten chicken parts all over the house. Short cutting this entire future I decide I’ll toss them in the trash. Well, the hens were more alive with biodiversity than I anticipated. All that sunshine and decay brought insects. Read about the The Insect Apocalypse is Here over at the NYT.

I was pleased to find a test for the insect apocalypse. Its not hear yet, but the experience of seeing the maggots spill out of the hens like grains of rice made me smile. The smell does make you gag, its one of those olfactory dna-encoded subroutines that you don’t need to know what it smelled like to understand what it is. You know you are alive and that thing was once alive and it hasn’t been for a while — it has been dead.

That smells good to my dog

Death does not smell of rotting of flesh, rotting flesh smells of death and I didn’t like being reminded of that. I took those maggots and fed to the chickens. I know you are all thinking Pyrons! No, Just part of the Chicken -> Chicken -> Egg -> Maggot -> Chicken cycle.

If you think of it, bring us a chicken for Feaster.

Consider when the insects are gone and flesh will not rot. Trees won’t decay? Complex Systems don’t get diversity back from entropy. Times arrow moves forward to brutal ends that do not consider Gods or flesh.

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