Not Flooded Anymore

I am personally interested in how the clay prevents the water from seeping through. As a child — I only played in sand, and I’ve not adjusted well; to water, that sits on top of the soil.

20190214_075303 (2)

They sky should not be reflected in the above image.

It is hard to accept that the salt of the sea will ruin all production of land. This water above is not salty, it came from rain. If I could only paint as well as it the reflected sky.

Things have improved to the point that you should come visit. We would love to see you swing a pic axe at this ground and disgorge some weeds and invasive equations.

When: The 3rd Sunday of the Month, after 3pm
Where: </map>Google Map of Richmond</>
What to Bring: a dish that feeds 4-6 people, or an original poem, that you wrote; something you like to drink

If you get lost, consult the maps of plasma.


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