Seeding Tomatoes

It is that time of year — that we begin to see the things we will grow. It is always exciting seeing the seeds sprout. It begins with the farm which is brown and dirty by the end of October. Once the rains come, and within just a few days the entire farm sprouts. Within one day the color of the ground has changed and it will continue to change for the next several months. California is this way.

By December everything is sprouting, every weed seed, every grass seed. Just about anything that has the capability to open up and send out some green shoots toward the sky does so. By early January the grass is thick. By late January I begin to get nervous with all the mowing that should have begun a week ago. Daily I am impressed with the growth of the grass and the depth of the green framed in earth.

Cut the grass? Cutting the grass makes is grow faster. Grass likes to be cut.

20190121_151319In a few weeks these tomatoes will be available at the farmers market. These take about 75 days to fruit small dark purple-brown grape sized fruit.

These large vine intermediate tomatoes taste grate (like all the rest of the tomato family)

Maybe you are getting tired of Facebook and want something interesting to take up your time. Try to grow this, you may fail but that is learning. Just think of taking pictures of the tomatoes you grow and posting them in a salad you made on Instagram.

Come see us under the yellow tent at the Saturday market in Oakland Grand Lake or in Marin County at the Marin Civic Center on Sunday. Challenge your self to stop clicking.



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