IPv6 and your DNA go into a BAR

by Rick Wesson, Field Biologist, Support Intelligence, Inc.

Big data is about you understanding your place in the world. How much data do you have and whom do you have it on. Employees leak data daily, though the public is allowed to read about these leaks every few years.

I once had a water leak on the farm and leaving it exposed like a wound in the dirt allowed me to experiment with it. I saw the leak every day. My pigs exploited it and made the leak worse forcing me to fix it several times. Through this I learned that pigs have no sweat glands and roll around in the mud to cool off. I built my pigs a mud bath and fixed the leak. I killed the pigs and we serve them in our restraint and my house.

I left the pig’s pipes exposed to allow me to revel in my accomplishment, then I made a cover for it as I may one day want to install a fountain there and honor the pigs and their mud hole. We will eat the pigs, but they know nothing of these plans to cut them to pieces and hold their USDA vacuumed packed slices in deep freeze.

My collection of bad ideas, that I keep — and if I understand the multiverse correctly; everyone of these bad ideas will or has happened. So, here is just one of them:

Human DNA has some 23 distinct chromosomes, we could choose 22 of them without having to deal with gender. I’m suggesting we choose a chromosome to represent you on the network. It could include characteristics of your skin, eye and hair color. Choose a string of genes, that represented your intelligence or one that specified the orientation of your uterus. Uteri are not outwardly visible, though their orientation play a role in child bearing. Intelligence is rarely outwardly expressed.

Let’s choose the X chromosome in singular, it is the one that we all have at least one of and does not code for an outwardly identifiable characteristics. This 155 million long chain wraps nicely into a multi dimensional space, in every one of your living cells. Imagine it, code in two dimensions: Ever looked at a CPU. Have you ever burned off the case of a CPU? And looked at it with an electron microscope?. Don’t ever look at logic or code especially when it has been decoded into more than a single dimension.

AI needs to address humans and the IPv6 space has plenty of room for humans, actually every single one of them, alive and dead. The version six space has enough addresses for all living organisms in just 96 bits. No one likes linearizing a lifetime into the edge of the cartography of a single chromosome. Which has enough to individually identify any human ever. Useful parameters to an AI that wants to index all life in a galaxy which you can do with 2^32 bits.

None agree on the bit masks.

Another option is to register ourselves on the network and avoid leveraging our DNA as a globally unique identifier. Registration has its own issues.  Selling hunting licenses, issued to gamers — hunting homeless humans. Finally games I’m interested in.

DHS is working hard on a database of the citizens of middle America. You will be auto registered for HART, by DH_{S}CP.  It is a database that will be built by humans for the machines of bureaucracy. Every nation is building similar capabilities. For the international traveler, you will become a known quantity. Your movements, be them financial or physical will be documented by a digital apparatus of the state. Your approval may not be required.

China’s approach to indexing their citizens is their social credit system, not be be confused with the social security administration. The fundamental difference in China’s approach and that of DHS  is — to leverage the market. In China the state makes bank by understanding their citizens. Data is for sale in the West. Facebook sells data, Google sells data — the data that each cell generated by you clicking.

20181216_131923 (1)Stop clicking and you become a threat to these great nations. Europe has a different view which seems to still believe in the rights of the folks that generate data having some rights and ownership to it.

Most of my bad ideas end humanity quickly with lots of nuclear explosions all at once, but I have a few nightmares where humanity is squeezed by a small set of humans that make machines. It takes a very long time and only through much suffering do the last few humans realize that they are in fact lost on a starship the size of a planet. The nightmares never seem to end well for the few lost souls, the machines always decide the humans are slaves. Remember, never let a human become more than a machine.

To disable ipv6 on linux see the following for /etc/sysctl.conf

# IPv6 disabled
net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6 = 1
net.ipv6.conf.default.disable_ipv6 = 1
net.ipv6.conf.lo.disable_ipv6 = 1

Other operating systems are left to the reader. Understand that when you are issued ipv6 addresses by DHS or DHCP — thus indexing yourself into a huge space so much so — that you are easily identifiable. Locks, identification and large integers — their status as primes will be a focus for your children’s lives and your family’s security.

I’m not advocating for complexity I’m just calling them as I see ‘em. Understanding how to release a butterfly is as important as noticing it’s beating wings far away. Most of us haven’t learned that: total information awareness is required. Cottonwood seed destined for the wind against a solid blue sky in nearly still air on a very hot day that isn’t on fire.

Homework: disable ipv6 on your phone or your car; Remember, Don’t stop clicking. Alot. Vary Fast. The Clicking, don’t stop it.


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