My first tow truck won’t be financed.

I want a tow truck. A new one to me, I want to tow a bunch of homeless into my mayors neighborhood. Park them in front of his house and call it his program.

My towing company will be called whenever some poor soul needs a break. We will tow your car to your house and drop it off in your driveway for no fee. Free of charge. Cops won’t ever call us. When they do, we gas up your car too. Or charge it with some photons from the sun, which we saved while you were planning your fun time.

[insert picture of paws, covered in dirt]

Call us when you need it the most., if you can only account for less than 3% of the universe’s matter, it might be a good time to count your chickens.


The state of California did take all my money, when I got more money, they too it too. Soon, a wave of money so thick would come that they couldn’t take it all; only then, breath. One of the things I enjoy most is having been pushed down and around, under the foam of the sea — ¬†for some time.

I make dead things push up alive things again (Hat) (reverse: using only math, rain and sunlight ] Patent: Humble food for people. Wash. Rince. Repete. Science: Goto Repete. Code. Run. Debug ..





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