Why Programmers Farm

Plants and animals are systems that run on sunshine, dirt, and rain. Humans are an overlay network built on these systems. We are so smart we found some burred sunshine in the form of plants and animals that were millions of years old.

Funding a startup to make milk proteins only makes me want to grow enough food for my cow to eat. I don’t yet own a cow. Farmers need fences as much as their neighbors.

IMG_20180203_121526 (1)

I would be considered an urban farmer. Just outside my fence are encampments of homeless. They get fucked up, screw and fight. I watch them like your father read the paper. Every morning my dog and I sit and watch them stream to the shelters for their shower or a packet of food. Some times they carry loads of recyclable containers. CRV = an Income for drugs. Eventually others arrive to bring fresh clothes, warm blanks and some new dope to sell. My ackbash and I watch the drug deals for breakfast.

Plants want to grow animals want to eat. When I watch these things it moves me and from that I feel life. Rarely am I cold or wet, I live in a medeterain climate, where we can grow most everything as long as it doesn’t get too hot. I’ve seen it get too hot and kill stuff. I’ve seen it get too dry and kill stuff. But when it is just too wet, it was fantastic. Everything woke — that rain.

I wanted to save some of the rain water and I didn’t. These are my penance.

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