Welcome: Post Humans

Post Humans are those conceived before 2020 but not borne until after 2020. Humans form relationships often, before they become pregers. We are the last of the humans and it is up to us to teach the machines and the companies that run them about humanity.

IMG_3680The post humans will be tightly integrated into packet networks. Children borne after 2020 will have access to human brain integrations that we (the humans) just won’t understand. My grandmother existed before humans learned to fly. She did not take many trips and I’m not even sure how many times she flew in an airplane. One of her sons grew up to make nuclear tipped rockets.

I am conchous that we will loose touch with the human condition because it is already being influenced by collections of html5, css and video streams. I know this is like digesting an unhatched chicken with herbs and too much salt. There isn’t a good record of what being human means,  history counts more bloodshed than love.

Can being human be just not being a machine? Probably not, we will see what the machines can do with large swaths of humans. They are connecting in droves though games, apps, pages, videos, and memes. Humans didn’t teach not listening, but that will become one of the pillars of humanity, selecting information, curation and maybe just maybe librarians will be recognized as the collectors of thought we hoped for.

Newly engaged couples come to my farm to discuss the possibility of renting it for their wedding ceremony. I absolutely enjoy a couple discussing many an awkward subject with a complete stranger. This is not something that I ever thought I would enjoy, but if you ever want to see extremes in reading a couple — a discussion of their wedding ceremony is a fantastic introduction to the layers of nuance in unspoken human communication.

These couples children are being conceived now; even though, they may not be borne for many years into the future. It is hard having a conversation with the newly engaged about their post human babies. I just have to smile and keep them moving. My role is to nod, and listen, laugh then to ask a question that won’t have an answer.

img_20171227_123855-x3Much of renewal, life, death, and decay occur on a daily cycle on the farm. Its the part I’m enjoying preserving in your memories when you visit.

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