Who influences the Influencers?

I’m working on a bit of math to figure out if it is easier to influence a human or an AI. Currently the tools exists to test these ideas out — with AI being much easier than with humans. There are so few APIs into humans.

neural-networks-10Human APIs:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Uber/Lift
  • Please inform me of others to add to this list

The Machine APIs are written in languages that most humans can’t understand so I’ve left them out. Bioforms certainly can’t read/parse latex. You are a bioform and machines don’t read this blog. The machines don’t read it because I don’t include any monitization scheme. Your job is a monitization scheme.

To calculate your BQ Divide the number of times you touched your phone by the calories you consumed today. This is know as your BioQuotant or BQ. It is kind of like an IQ but you can change it much easier, by eating better and not touching your phone.

img_20171127_152215Lets say today I had a coffee, a bag of chips and 4 beers. I would have consumed about 1800 calories. I touched my phone about 16 times since I woke up. 16/1800 which is about 0. 008888

Your goal for your BQ is 0 which is where you can eat whatever you want as long as you don’t touch your phone. Division of zero is zero, it is a goal of sorts. If you consumed no calories, your BQ is undefined which is what happens when dead people vote.

Remember, teaching an AI is many times more efficient than teaching a human how to alter their behavior. We exist in a constant information war and I’m here to tell you that we [the humans] are not winning.

Come to my Saturday brunch at Tatters and learn about the power of dirt and sunshine and how they connect the dots of human capitol.

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