Am I Working for me, before the jublie

n3e9.6114ea48c0000b13Education today amounts to slavery. With so much knowledge on line — few are motivated to learn on their own. [Dyslexia Teaches] Collage age folks rely on their middle school education to navigate the rote learning of today. Future generations are leveraging future ones and this is my council against.

Graduates suffer extremely high costs of learning. Whom does this money go to? It is a rhetorical question because I am in no position to FTM on where college educational funds go. We can; however, see where the money comes from, children.

Financing ones education through loans is in my opinion a bad deal. Education is available though so many avanues that are discounted by the modern student. Reading books, blogs, and interactive courses are free.

Instruction was my difficulty. I couldn’t read the material, class was always ahead of me. Until I got out of school and learned that business cared so much less about performance. Business was much more black and white. Mostly white which did help. Let me explain: In business they cared much less how I got to point B and more that I just got there. In school I had much more pressure to arrive at the same answer as my peers.  If I arrived sooner or later there was a penalty and that I loathed.

Very soon cars won’t use fuel and everything will be estimated in barrels of oil. Your money will be measured in oil though oil will no longer be priced in american dollars. Everything around you will be priced in oil and that won’t make much sense for an education that is antiquated before graduation. Oil as a proxy will define generations attempting the reach of the petrodollar.

n3e9.6114ea48c0000b14-123Who teaches how to learn? It seems that I learned this and needed to use it in the absence of the written word. Today there are so many modes of communication that are not written. I found the following useful:

  • An interest in the outcome where failure is most likely
  • Persistence

As I write those bullets, I’ve in no way met success, but I might, soonly. So many times success is defined by funding. This is defined by an environment that is made up mostly of lies. Our news is everything that you should not be a fraid of. Living in reality requires enormous amount of time in the sunshine and under blue skys.

Realize you are a combatant in an information war and your only tool is your brain. Turn off your inputs and realize the amount of capacity you have. Become unreachable. Make time for the real world and those you want to have in it. This is how the world was 10 years ago. Here education doesn’t cost more than the time invested.








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