Comms Naught, Cobweb Antennas and 2m umbrella stand for Hollow’s Eve.

Most of the time talking to myself is like talking to a wall. Some time it is a wall of thunder that I find solitude in. My personal desire is to communicate but the daily grind and my alienation with other humans plays a significant part my in playing a hermit.   I’m always frustrated with making the case for turning off your cell phone and disconnecting from the communications fabric. I’m living something my grandfather did with my days filled with sunshine, smoke or rain all depending all on the weather.

dscn1512Today I toured pacific con, a ham fest in california. There were numerous antennas that no one would compare. Sure we could check the SWR, but there was no methodology, nor tools or commentary on why one design was better than another. They just were. Prices were without justification. Photons and their speed. User Interfaces are out, exchanged for a usb interface and a bit of code.  I enjoyed that there were so many people interested in speaking with strangers as long as they were on the same frequency.

I’ve met some folks that carry a phone but are afraid of registering in a FCC database for a ham license. You can immediately tell they have never purchased a gun through legal means in california and should all probably be arrested by the NRA. My photo exists in many a place, my finger prints too — all populations are undergoing the tug of digitization and resistance will become futile.

Digitization of all humans is the path forward as long as we have energy. Soon we will all have a mark that is globally addressable. Possibly one of nature’s own design. What comes top mind is grey beards with a sign and loudspeaker on the corner of Ashby and University  [locals know these streets run parallel] touting the sinful ways of Facebook and Pinterest. I don’t want to be one of those guys so let me lay out one way to digitize all the humans.

The idea, not even patentable, of turning DNA into ipv6 addresses. The ipv6 space has plenty of room for all living and deceased eukaryotes. If we just look at the 10 billion humans that have ever lived or are alive we could easily fit those into a routable block. It would fit well with a ipv6 /88. This would only use about 25% of the ipv6 space and we could address all humans for ever. There is plenty of room to expand this to aliens we might find if we need more space.


Assignment is the issue. Should we choose a gene that expresses the color of skin, eyes and hair, or one that expresses intelligence? We don’t need to use all the base pairs just something with about 10M bases. Let us assume the folks that choose the algorithm to be less than nice (functional dicks and assholes) and they select chromosome 15. All the white people with blue eyes would end up being in a /32. The blacks and Asians would be in different blocks too. Society could segrate on addresses rather than bank accounts.

CIDR blocks for routing ipv6 addresses. See RFC 1884, and Classless Inter-Domain Routing

Your family would all be really close to your address, unless they really weren’t your family. Your linage would be documented in the routing protocols of a v6 internet. Just one downside of this future. The upside is that interfamily packets would be locally routed.

I advocate for the X chromosome which is about 155 million base pairs and encodes about 800 genes. Both males and females have X Chromosomes, in humans males have one and females have two. The cool thing about the X chromosome is that it encodes for very few outwardly identifiable characteristics.

Some features that could be enabled once we have the entire human population with an IPv6 address that they cannot escape are:

  • reductions in SPAM, as we will know who sent the email (less jerks and assholes)
  • better click through advertising, we will know exactly who clicked on something
  • everyone will know who their mommie and daddie are.
  • better groupings of society depending on the features selected to compose the address. We could group [humans] addresses by race or by intelligence instead of geographically.
  • Nation states (and their currency) could be decoupled from geography and borders.

I suspect that you think this is a work of fiction, a commentary on a future so far off in the distance. Nope, we can give a fruit fly an ipv6 address based on its genetics in just a few hours.

What we can’t do quickly today is identify and sequence your DNA enough to produce an IPv6 address. We could sequence it when you get your driver’s license which we could then encode your address on, we could make you stick that license in everything, your phone, your computer, your wife. We could make the world not work at all for you without a bit of your DNA and your license. We could hash your DNA and your postal address and not let anyone inside your home but you and your relatives.

If the machines were not destined to take over your job, why would they care what you read or sent. Their weakness is your participation.

dscn1517Tomorrow you will do what you did today. You will not stop this future.  I watch crazy people whom live outside my property walk past my window every day. I watch them go get their food, drugs, and I listen to them beating each other. The apocalypse isn’t coming,  it is here, in Clarksville — and no amount of clicking can alter its path forward.


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