Cherry Pie

Most of my friends work within the context of a larger organization. I suspect when they build stuff they have a boss that can provide direction. I have to find my own direction and I thought that other Dyslexic Entrepreneurs might enjoy another perspective on getting feedback.

If the code you happen to be running only requires rain, sunshine and soil — look to see what the soil and nutrients brought in. Everything wants to grow. Plants and other organisms obey similar limitations of computation as networks and viral videos. Guess the half-life of a meme and hold that up to a open pollinated heirloom vegetable in a matrix of space-time, tomatos wins; game theory that.

Code needs Prose || my code is all your docs.

When I consider farming on mars — it evokes a surprise like that from a successful hack of he second law of thermodynamics. Unlikely, fulfilling and fantasy. Nature might have wanted something to grow on mars years ago, but today that energy well isn’t an option from what we have on this little bubble, in a vacuum sea. Sending humans to mars in numbers is a distraction of epic proportions.


I write code out of frustration and my lack of ability to communicate with other humans. In some ways code production is how I interact with my surroundings that happen to be connected over networks. This is my attempt to exercise  connections to humans which can’t be initiated through sockets in a for loop over 2^32 addresses. You are thinking serially.

I’ve written stuff because I was pissed. I’ve registered domains when I thought I had a good idea, most of those ideas were wrong. I write when I’m offended, some times I am offended by other’s code, or lack there of. When I see something missing from the world, I want to write code to fill in that little thing that will make life better. Better is not always for me, which is the part of the valley that I  miscalculated, repulsed by greed. I have seen it as a shallow, soul burning endeavor. My vision is to leave a few orders of magnitude on the table — that is a good deal.   I’ve not gotten far with my philosophy which is why I’m attempting prose. These notes represent failure of realization without significant costs, not all code is at a loss, like Art and sunshine.

I am always stunned with the efficiency of weeds verses vegetables. The bees, those mother fuckers are smarter than most of us. Bees probably came from mars, smart, hungry, can communicate and love flowers. Truly piss them off, weapons. Could their stingers pass a crisper gene? You bet mother fucker, your kids might do that. The code of life inches closer to the keyboard, we may not enjoy the control or dominion we have had of this place. My second dog is named after Bees.


One of the first books I read was K&R ‘C’ because — it was mostly written in C

Every program is really just a big number. Our DNA, any organism’s for this matter, can be seen as a number. I don’t understand the math for time and space, but everything are really, just really big and very sparse numbers. We can turn numbers into images, people dislike dimensional logistics, I’ve lost several friends over this.

I write code because I learned early to communicate to things, not voices in your head, though the IoT [internet of things] will soon be co-located there. It is this cohabitation of humans to bits that I see as troublesome. I’ve had the hardest time seeing any positive impact of these, bits. Our collective narcissism is concerning too. Fuck, we absolutely deplore math built from boolean logic while refusing the long form of dialog.


I program to find truth, or when I find truth when programming I like it. I can explore my world and it informs me. Watching the valley VC lie emboldens me to code, to write efficiently, in the hope one day I can fuck their eye sockets with some math. I fear as long as there are infinite funds efficiency is cast aside. The danger is that capitalism is a fad in geometric time. Money as a concept is about to go through a transition that will effect a great number of this planet’s life forms.  My bet is that you prefer to ignore the development while thinking momentum is a  friend.  Debt has worked favorably. I enjoy seeing plants and animals grow from nothing but sunshine and food scraps. Sustainability it no word for a farm animal.

This is the part where I trail off, having made enough prognostications.  I’ll leave you with this: make some friends and go hang out with them; think, don’t click.

..and season 3 of Rick & Morty appears to be shit.


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