Deep Living and Deep Learners

Deep Learning is all the rage today (roughly 1500945129) with everyone reexplaining how their product or services use Artificial Intelligence. There are classes about deep learning offering master classes, videos and tutorials on convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and long short-term memory networks (LSTMs)

Deep Learning is about fear too, robots are going to take jobs away from the lowest of income earners. The news is flush with how algorithms are replacing traders on wall street, order takers at fast food restaurants, news is even written by bots. Most Americans live in fear of health care, the Russians, Chinese, even our president Trump. Fear is one of our national treasures.

Fear is available 24/7 via Apps, Tweets, or TV and Streams. How did we get conditioned to be so afraid? The cold war was a significant player in teaching a nation to “duck and cover” in the presence of global annihilation.  Don’t call attention to global warming which is the slow version of a nuclear holocaust played out on the poorest of the global population.


The modern version of the cold war is the cybergeddon. Cyber war is complex and scary and is the modern vehicle for fear. Want to not worry? Learn what living without computers is like.

Now is a good time to ask what Deep Living is? Simply its not being afraid of information. It is deciding to consume and then ignore data that is designed to create fear. If you want to scare the political establishment ignore your TV. Learn to cook and grow food. Learn to accept that all your information is used against you by marketing and sales bots to encourage you to part with your hard earned coin.

Deep Living takes practice, you have to spend time working at it. Some folks say it is a lifestyle — I like to think of it as a tactic in a information war.



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