Narrative aids digestion

In an information war pawns click bait. The titles are designed for clicks. Before you, bots provided the clicks, but we learned how to identify machines. Humans met the CAPTCHA. Once instrumented h.sapiens were taught by the very algorithms running in their DNA to click.

CAPTCHA: a program or system intended to distinguish human from machine input, typically as a way of thwarting automated manipulation of data.

Silly humans never designed a system to distinguish information generated by corporations. They didn’t need to because it was called advertising and was clear when the projections were from a different source.

Today most of h.sapiens consume a large portion of corporate ideas without any indication that they are being influenced. NATO calls this cyberr warfare (note the two RRs in cyberrr ) Cyberrr warfare has its casualties: Truth, Objective Prose and Intentional Objectification of Empathy. IOE is when leaders communicate empathy regarding kinetic activities [insert terrorist event] that are used to further erode digital privacy or individual security.


Sadly, in developed nations we have connected so many other countries devices to our network in a miscalculation of the Jon Postel Principle of what we send and accept. We have encouraged nations states to sell us devices that are designed to be vulnerable and identifiable via a port scan. Creating vulnerability where there was none and calling it IoT or Smart Cities.

There are no non-combatants in an information war, without engaging the populations and their devices the battlefields would be empty. These battles of bits are led against populations not infrastructure. There is little a modern individual can do to escape the digitization of society much less identify a virtual “duck and cover” strategy.




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