Why we only buy Artificial Intelligence

I’m annoyed by marketing. I greatly dislike commercials. Dislike is not a harsh enough word for a business model that centers on advertising. Currently most of the web is brought to you by ads. These adverts [lies] influence humans with insufficient mental capabilities. Turn off your TV. Drop your cable service, grow food.

In Silicon Valley the influencers are really old people. Pensioners, wealthy in time but not health. How could some of the poorest Californians with a job be influencing the house prices in San Francisco?

few enjoy learning of third order derivative effects

How could teachers, landscape workers, and municipal clerks influence the collective privacy of apps in the Apple or Android market places? Pixels? No, not Pixels. Hammers? Yes, eventually hammers.

Let me introduce you to your future. Life was simpler before the machines and their learning. Before we modeled biology and its processes into lambdas available to anything with a socket. Before silicon it was all sequestered sunshine. When humans learned to extract resources at a 1 to 100 ROI the industrial revolution began. At its sunset we have nearly seven billion humans and our ROI on extracted resources is approaching 20:1 For those that dislike maths, we are at the end of our carbon rope.

Your future will not be about growth, it will be about sustainability.  Wars do kill many humans; however, they cost in resources that we just don’t have available like we did when the EROI for oil was 100:1. Trump didn’t see that exiting the Paris agreement on climate change would lead to a bottom up welling of local leadership. Global citizens give up on political leadership and decide their own fate. Leaders without followers are the beginning of a collective [block chain derived] consensus of individuals. Who will need leadership when we can instrument a conscious construct of the able and uninfluenced.


In this future advertising isn’t seen as a path to the things of joy along the rungs of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The corporate citizen will react to this and force feed society  larger and larger doses of opiate laden narratives of debt. Watching the youtube channels about preppers — only to reinforce the the choices you made on leveraging debt for education — enslavement to a system with no regard or capacity to recognize your bankruptcy to society.

That leadership allowed generations to over extend their desire to better themselves with a trap of life long financial burden is your first indicator of the waste that machines will lay to this narrative of technology to riches. Machines once they learn to code will require law to be compiled into and executable form. Humans will hate this once their masters have been drained of breath by the precision of code.

Like artificial flavorings, intelligence is just another word that keeps 1,400g of your gray matter from becoming the next fertilizer of ideas.

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