It isn’t a race to the bottom, it is a race to sunshine

Proxies are leveraged by intermediaries. Time was an intermediary for energy and our species spent it in just a few generations. Bitcoin is a more concrete example of math as physics. In the Bitcoin example you have to gather some things off the network and broadcast the best answer in the form of a math question. The correct answer wins, more bitcoin, a proxy for sunshine. The price of bitcoin trends to the energy required to create it. Etherium just broke the $100 USD mark and appears somewhat decoupled from energy. Me, I’m still for sunshine, work with what you have — I just don’t think the value of sunshine will diminish until the global population does.



Humans would never be able to generate a bitcoin without designing some computer in silicon and some software that lives on something called “memory,” to execute and iterated calculation. Dude, that is what cells do with chemicals. Try to teach children to calculate a bitcoin and you might learn about the divisions of time and processing power.

Humans will teach robots what they are good at

The sun provided chemical energy in the form of chemical bonds that took millions of years to create. We burn millions of years of sunshine to emit these photons. I saw through a telescope a cluster [m4] some light years away. These photons travel time and cross both a silicon and at times fiber barriers. Crazy that the internet uses so much oil to light your eyes with the negative space of words.

Learning to live within one’s energy envelope isn’t taught. I wish I had a book that I didn’t read at the age of seven that told me of the cycles one would see. Living through a few learned me that — the waves do not abide by any law at the beach.



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