The chronicle defined it as a term of art for young people as ‘the feeling when good pot hits your brain’ As used in “Your weed be Waken.” See melinial slang


Young people also have an issue with vision, not the kind that comes from your eyes, but the kind that comes from your heart. Technology doesn’t understand Biology and while we might get lots outa mixing the two; we still need an emulsifier.

Eggs are digested sunshine. Turns out what you feed your chicken is what your eggs taste like. If you want to taste sunshine double your microdose or go outside. It won’t rain for months and you will rejoice; while, everything around takes note of the amount of water drifted on california.

Silicon and Kings Valley might think they are the wizer;  however, they can’t tell you why we got 185% our rainfall. True [WOKE] averages aren’t the best way to communicate complex statistics to humans that can only script english. Humans and their programs are divided into how many languages? I dare you to ask why California is not in a Drought. Why did the grass grow this year and not last?

We need to ask ourselves what is civil Disobedience? At some point the state cares. The state that doesn’t recognize it is in a bubble, in a vacuum sea. Lifetimes away from other habitable planets. Are we the only past-history that gets a chance to re-encode itself. While we might want to escape into the Expanse its really much larger than you might think.

Without something that breaks the 2nt law of thermodynamics we won’t visit others in your lifetime.






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