Star Wa[r]s all that

How did Leigah give into a story as her naritive. The force doesn’t exist and there is no Good or Evil and Null exists as a type. Those are stories. Here null is a type

She and her mom gave up this game. Not to be bigger or more loved maybe because the story they lived differed so greatly than the one that they loved telling.

Seeds all have a super cycle that no one enjoys, in the end. It is why we don’t thank robots — they are not human and have no feelings.

One thing robots are better at is making rj45 connections.


Pilar and I went to the SeedBank in Petaluma and got some new old seed. Open Polinated means you don’t need a PhD to grow it. A seed bank just shows what Open Source has been doing for some time now.

My dog eats more farm animalsfile_000-1than I do.


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